Can We Lock Up Ashanti And Jennifer Garner’s Stalkers?

Poor Tina Douglas, mother and manager of Ashanti. Millions of fans are crazy for her daughter, and Tina can handle most of them. Except one guy, Devar Hurd, who got a lot crazier than the rest. He’s charged with aggravated harassment for sending Tina pictures of his penis, as well as long, creepy texts and voicemails about his obsession with Ashanti, who doesn’t even know him. Clearly Devar needs help, and he’s facing two years in prison, if convicted. [NY Daily News]
Eerily, at the same time, it’s been reported that Steven Burky, who’s been accused of stalking Jennifer Garner since 2002, was recently arrested for violating a restraining order and showing up at her daughter’s school. Eek, not funny. Doesn’t it seem like as soon as one celebrity stalker is taken off the street, another pops up in their place? [BBC]