Your Best Six-Word New Year’s Resolutions

Last week, I asked you all to write your six-word resolutions for 2010 and you guys came up with some great ones! Now, with only two weeks left in 2009, I thought I’d post the best of your New Year’s resolutions for those of us who still need a little inspiration gearing up for 2010. After the jump, your top ten six-word New Year’s resolutions — they’re silly, they’re heart-felt, and they’re inspiring.Eat more peaches, hug a duck. — Bogart4017

Stop procrastinating in every aspect, tomorrow. — Riley

No more falling in love online. — Frustratedexbf

Remember to celebrate the messes too! — eggsandbacon

More sex. More sleep. Mutually exclusive? — Rose

Grow my own garden, be radiant. — LilyGrace

Have adventures and kiss hot men. — Sillygrrl

Run the NYC marathon under 2:20:00. — Sage

Raise some chickens, name one Nancy. — Catscratchfever

Invest in barbecue sauce belt holster? — Casablancas