Who’s Really On Twitter?

I read an interesting statistic in Essence yesterday: 26 percent of blacks are Twitter users — that’s more than any other racial group, according to a Pew study. The mag also reported that women and college graduates were top Tweeters. I took a further look at Pew’s findings and discovered that Twitter users are young — the median age is 31 — but aren’t as young as most MySpace and Facebook users. Tweeters are also more likely to live in an urban area. Only nine percent of Tweeters live in rural areas compared with 35 percent who live in urban areas. Twitter users also prefer to go wireless with cell phones, laptops, and handheld devices.
I fit all four of these characteristics, yet I’m still not on Twitter. I basically don’t like to join the bandwagon because I think something else will come along eventually. For example, I joined Facebook last year after being pressured by almost all my friends, and now it seems everyone’s on Twitter most of the time. I guess the fact that I sit at a desk and am on the internet for at least eight hours a day makes it easier for me to post to Facebook, but I realize everyone doesn’t have that luxury. Are you on Twitter, Facebook, or both?