What’s Your Fashion Kryptonite?

Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist) was lamenting just yesterday about how he loves a nice chunky cardi, but because of his body type (and maybe fashion personality?) he can’t ever pull one off. I’m with you, Scott! There’s just some stuff I either don’t have the guts to wear or would just look horrid on me. I have to assume everyone has one or two cuts or styles of clothing that just look terribly wrong on them. Personally? I’ve got more than one or two. How about this wedding dress? Gorg, right? Not when I put it on—it made me look like a linebacker. I couldn’t rip it off my body fast enough! Or this onesie and this babydoll top? Can’t even wear them outside of a store dressing room they look so bad on me. Normal white tank tops (like the kind from Hanes or anything that looks like them) also prove to be not a good thing for my upper body. And you know how those Diane von Furstenburg wrap dresses are supposed to be flattering on everyone? Well, I’m apparently the exception to that rule. My list is long, but knowing what just will never work for my body and complexion also helps me to find what will. What about you — do you have a list of clothing kryptonite?