Kate’s Style Diary: Week In Review

kates style diary friday jpg
What I’m Wearing Today:

  • H&M Purple Sparkly Sweater
  • Old Navy Camisole
  • Street Vendor Necklace
  • Gap Jeans
  • Ecco Boots
  • Vintage Bangle

I never realized just how many sparkly items of clothing I wear in a given week until I did this diary. The answer is: a lot. Other thoughts on what I’m wearing today: my parents gave me this Armani red lipstick last night for Hanukkah and it’s the first time since maybe prom I’ve rocked anything this bright on my lips, and I’m already addicted. This necklace is another one of my very best street vendor finds. I was wearing it on the subway over the summer when the old man sitting across from me said, “Do you know what your necklace is?” I told him no. “It’s like the necklace Nefertitti wore,” he said. “It’s supposed to bring fertility.” Big oops on that one. But I still like it.

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