Face Masks That Work In The Winter

When the weather gets cold, it’s important to change your skin care routine to keep up. The face masks that work so well in the hot, oily summer will have entirely different results in the dry air. If you don’t want your formerly lovely skin to quickly turn dry, flaky and all around nasty, make sure you’re using the right masks for your skin type and the season you’re in. We’ve got the goods after the jumpNormal Skin: Even regular skin needs some extra attention in the winter when cold air can ravage even the most calm of complexions. A lightweight moisturizing and oxygenating mask like Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask once a week is the way to go if you want to keep your skin looking bright.

Dry Skin: A creamy exfoliating mask such as Zia Fresh Papaya Enzyme Mask two to three times a week followed by a thick (but oil-free) overnight face cream (daily) is definitely necessary for dry complexions. Masks with gentle fruit acids are always a good option.

Acne: The inclination with acne is always to dry the skin out as much as possible. In the winter, that may help temporarily, but it will only irritate in the long run. If you have a particularly bad pimple, dab a small amount of drying clay mask like Korres Cinnamon & Natural Clay Deep Cleansing Mask directly on the pimple, but definitely don’t spread it beyond that.