Does Anyone Remember Tambourine Bags?

Some of you young whippersnappers out there weren’t even born yet, but back in the ’80s, tambourine-shaped bags were the jam. I believe I was introduced to the trend via a cool, more sophisticated older cousin and vaguely remember seeing models in Vogue–maybe even Brooke Shields–sporting the look. (Sure, I was in elementary school, but I loved fashion even then!) No matter, point is, while we’ve seen a resurgence in everything from rubber bracelets to shoulder pads over the last decade, tambourine bags have stayed recessed in the annals of fashion history, until now. I did a double take when I spied the new MCM version (left and also available in red and white) at their recent spring 2010 press preview, and I’m totally loving this crazy-looking grape Junya bag from Hayden-Harnett (right). I bet you anything more designers will rediscover this old-school look (in fact, the Urban Outfitters versions can’t be far behind). Hey, this fly style hasn’t been around in so long, well, it actually looks brand spankin’ new.