8 Rebounding Don’ts When The Media Is Watching Your Every Move

Alex Rodriguez is amassing a pile of three-strikes-you’re-out puns after a report that he hit on an all-legs blonde at his favorite Miami restaurant, only to be ignored by her three times in a row. This is just days after his highly publicized split from Kate Hudson, and less than a year after his even more publicized divorce from wife Cynthia. [NY Daily News]

Now we know that as a talented, rich, good-looking man, A-Rod is totally entitled to keep on keeping on in the romance department. But he knows that the media is watching his every move, so you think he’d keep it under wraps for, oh, at least a week. After the jump, let’s take a look at some other celebrity men who show us how not to get back on the horse.

  1. Don’t let your girlfriend’s pregnancy hit the news before your divorce from the mother of your seven children is finalized. Especially if you don’t have a prenup in place. We’re talking to you, Mel Gibson. [Insider]
  2. Don’t bait tabloid attention by badmouthing your ex’s notorious mom like Levi Johnston did. It just looks sad.
  3. While you’re at it, keep things classy and don’t take your clothes off for a nudey magazine, especially if it’s Playgirl. Oh yeah, we’re still on Levi here. It just won’t improve your dating life.
  4. Don’t have eight children and then share with the world that your wife is too emasculating for you to share your penis with exclusively, Jon Gosselin.
  5. Don’t take your cue from Usher and release a song about your divorce called “Papers.” Especially if you’ve been hesitating to actually sign said papers. Furthermore, don’t name your album after your divorce proceedings. Raymond vs. Raymond? Eek. [Metro Lyrics]
  6. Don’t quickly marry your rebound and be surprised when the union fizzles after 15 months, like it did for tennis legend Chris Evert and golf great Greg Norman earlier this year. [NY Post]
  7. Don’t come home a war hero to your former-model wife, who was seriously injured in a car wreck while you were gone, and decide she’s become short and fat. John McCain did that, and he eventually didn’t become president. Coincidence? [US Veteran Dispatch]
  8. Don’t let your rocky relationship take you away from your work, like Tiger Woods. We think showing up at golf tournaments could only help the man.