25 More Things You Should Never Say On A First Date

Back in May 2008, I told you five simple words you should never drop on date #1 with a dude. Well, honey, since then, I’ve been on a whole lot more first dates, and I realize I barely scratched the surface with that first list. So, let’s break it down one more time, because it’s hard enough to meet someone, let alone get another date with him. When it comes to first dates, here are 25 more things you can say that won’t get you a second one!

  1. My cats like it when I …
  2. I’m on a diet.
  3. My ex was craaaaazy!
  4. My therapist says …
  5. You don’t look like your picture.
  6. … warrant out for my arrest …
  7. PMS
  8. I usually date models.
  9. Don’t Google me.
  10. I’m drunk.
  11. It’s just a rash.
  12. Our waiter/waitress is smokin’ hot!
  13. Hitler (unless you work as a WWII expert)
  14. I just went through a bad breakup.
  15. How much money do you make per year?
  16. Marriage
  17. Kids
  18. I’m not racist, some of my closest friends are black.
  19. I’ve slept with (insert number here) people.
  20. These are my “skinny” jeans.
  21. … those naked photos of me …
  22. Oops, I farted.
  23. You car is a hunk o’ junk.
  24. You remind me of my mom/dad/brother/sister.
  25. You’d be so cute if you lost ten pounds. (Yes, someone actually said this to me. OK, he actually said 15 and if I agreed to do it, he would keep dating me. What a charmer!)