10 Ways To De-Stress, Celebrity-Style

stress carrie underwood jpg
It must be really stressful to be a celebrity with all those perks and people catering to your every need all the time. Nonetheless, celebrities are people too, and they get stressed out. Carrie Underwood must be really stressed lately. In fact, she recently admitted to having some uncharacteristically aggressive de-stressing sessions. “If I’m ticked off, I’ll get a punching bag and beat the crap out of it,” Carrie revealed. Yikes. And she looks so sweet and innocent. Carrie, I’m not sure that beating up a punching bag is the most productive way to wind down after a rough day. Maybe she should take a cue from some of her celeb counterparts? After the jump, some other celebrities’ stress relievers of choice. [NY Daily News]
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