Tina Fey And Steve Carell Might Team Up For “Mail Order Groom”

Tina Fey and Steve Carell are co-producing “Mail Order Groom,” a flick about a desperate single woman who brings an Eastern European husband with her home to the States, The Hollywood Reporter reports. The script is based on an idea by Fey’s husband, Jeff Richmond, and written by a group of four men. But what we want to know is whether the prince and princess of NBC’s Thursday night lineup will be starring in it, too? I sure hope so—Steve Carell and Tina Fey are smart enough to understand the mail-order marriage business isn’t especially funny-ha-ha. The mail-order bride trade is a pretty nasty business—it oftentimes dupes young women who’re just looking to support themselves and their families. Sorry to be a wet blanket but that’s a real-life fact, you know? Unfortunately, THR called a Fey-Carell pairing “a dicey proposition” because they are both so busy with their TV shows and their comedy, “Date Night,” which comes out in the spring. Alas, the fate of “Mail Order Groom”—and whether it’s actually funny or just trés uncomfortable—will be one to watch. [The Hollywood Reporter]