American Apparel Wants You To Have A Hipster Manicure, Too

American Apparel is not content to simply dress your body, they want to paint your nails too. In addition to their spendy T-shirts and skanky jersey dresses, the store just launched a nail polish line. Welcome to the beauty world, AA. (What’s next? Home goods, a full beauty line, or fragrances?)Of the 18 polishes, each shade inspiration comes from colors found in the AA offices, including a bright red named Downtown L.A., Hassid which is a dark black nod to their roots, and Factory Grey named after the paint color of the floors. But what’s most interesting is the fact that Dov Charney’s peeps have managed to create a polish that’s eerily similar to one everyone has been obsessing over. Yup, Chanel’s Jade. Though AA claims the polish, “a minty green color called Office was matched to the color of an accounting notepad found on the seventh floor of American Apparel’s headquarters,” we’re seeing it as a (possibly inadvertent) knockoff, and one that’s much more affordable and readily available, like Essie’s Mint Candy Apple. Hey, no one’s mad at that. After all, Chanel’s sold-out version is currently going for $100 on eBay while American Apparel’s price is a more attractive $6 — that’s two dollars less than Essie! [WWD]