Sarah Palin Rocks A Visor With John McCain’s Name Blacked Out

Sarah Palin has obviously never heard this expression: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” While vacationing in Hawaii with her family, she made three mistakes. First, she wore a visor, which is practically the biggest fashion faux pas ever. Second, the visor had John McCain’s name on it, and everyone knows that dude lost the election, so it just makes her look like a sore loser. But her third and biggest mistake of all is … she blacked out McCain’s name, which was emblazoned on the front of the hat, with a black marker. Really? Really!? Palin has obviously forgotten that John McCain is the one and only reason why anyone knows her name. He catapulted her from a little-known Alaska governor to a household name. Sarah claims she was merely trying to go incognito and meant no disrespect. Right, Sarah, because I guess seeing John McCain’s name on your hat would be a dead giveaway.

Next time, just wear a different hat. You can afford one with that book advance. [CNN]