Redheads, The Most Maligned Minority Group Ever?

Hey, remember the other day when I posted about that Christmas card that was pulled from the shelves at stores in England because a few redheads found it offensive? Well, Jane Asher, an English actress who once dated Paul McCartney for five years in the ’60s and inspired many of his songs with the Beatles, wrote a hilarious essay for the UK’s Daily Mail today discussing the plight of the redhead. She writes:

“Those of you lesser mortals, with so-called ‘ordinary’ or ‘normal’ hair colouring, have no idea of the torments and prejudice that we of the redhead gene have to undergo on a regular basis.”

What are some of those torments and prejudices, you might ask? Well, for one thing, says Asher, “On a list of factors that put off potential employers, red hair comes alarmingly high on the list.” What else do we poor redheads have to deal with? Sunburns! A lower tolerance for pain! Light eyelashes! And! The cruel taunts and name-calling! “The snide comments and crass nicknames that we hear from the moment we are old enough to understand language soon toughen our ginger-haired hides until very little can hurt us.” Very little, that is, except a greeting card. “This latest travesty of justice,” she writes, “courtesy of the country’s biggest retailer which, frankly, should know better — doesn’t surprise me one bit. It’s just one more insult against this exciting dynamic minority who frighten people so much for being different.” I’m pretty sure she’s totally joking, but God help her if she isn’t. And God help our redhead brothers and sisters in the U.K. They’ve got it much worse than I originally thought! [via Daily Mail]