A Newspaper’s Really Bad Advice For A 35-Year-Old Virgin

I felt really awful for this guy who wrote to Chicago Sun Times columnist Cheryl Lavin looking for help. Basic gist of his letter? He’s a 35-year-old virgin who just wants to “get the monkey off his back.” Fine if it’s a religious or moral choice, but sadly for this dude, it is not. So what did Cheryl suggest for this sexless man?

“I have a feeling your unhappiness over your virginity is inhibiting you with woman. What if you went at it the other way? What if you lost your virginity first, then tried to have a connection with a woman? Your whole personality on a date might blossom. Prostitution is legal in some counties in Nevada. And even where it’s illegal, it’s widespread.”

I can understand the urge to just get rid of “it.” But a prostitute? So, not only is he embarrassed to be a virgin, but this lady is telling him the only way he’s gonna get some is to pay for it? BS!

I’m thinking this guy should take a hint from TLC’s 650-pound virgin, David Smith , a 32-year-old who recently lost over 400 pounds and was looking for love. Did you see the documentary about him? I was charmed. Yes, he was terribly awkward around the ladies. But what did he do? He went to dating coaches, speed dating, and cougar mixers. He stopped at nothing, pushing through his crippling anxiety until, finally, one evening he had a few cocktails and did it with a friend. Go David! That’s the spirit of sexytime!

Here’s hoping that this 35-year-old virgin doesn’t take Cheryl’s bad advice. There are plenty of ladies out there willing to teach a brother some tricks. No hookers required. [Sun Times, NY Daily News]