Kate’s Style Diary: Thursday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • J. Crew Zebra Cardigan
  • H&M T-Shirt
  • Old Navy Camisole
  • Uniqlo Belt
  • Banana Republic Pencil Skirt
  • DKNY Tights
  • Ecco Boots

When I walked into J. Crew for their after-holidays sale last year, I freaked out when I saw this cardigan. See, I love zebra print, but I’m very specific about which zebra prints I like. The rules: it must be black and white (no brown, no blue, no pink), the stripes must be thick enough, and they cannot intersect or twist too much. Basically, the closer it looks to an actual zebra, the better. This print is perfect and I like the sweater over a flowy shirt, cinched with a belt. I paired this combo with a skirt today because I’m going to Hannukah dinner with my family after work and wanted to look like I put in some effort. But it’s kind of freezing out, so I wish I’d done it with jeans instead. Sigh.