What In The World Are Sheggings?

Combination clothes are nothing new. After all, jeggings have officially become a thing, we disclosed our love for bleggings, and shooties are all over department stores. Don’t know what those are? Here’s a quick refresher. Jeggings are jean leggings, bleggings are black leather leggings, and shooties are shoe booties, but that’s only the beginning. We’ve already predicted the future of combination clothes, but it seems we missed an option … sheggings.

Yesterday, the world met “sheggings” when Yahoo introduced it as a Buzz Word and its new popularity even brought the word Google Trend fame, ranking at #13. Just what is this magical new creation, we wondered? Before you get too excited, read on. Sheggings are simply shiny leggings, and most likely an article of clothing you already possess if you’ve embraced the ’80s trend which swept the fashion world earlier this year. (We think Lindsay Lohan can be held personally accountable for this moment.) Sure, this new combination word is less exciting than a brand new creation, but still, who doesn’t love a fresh word to describe an oldie but goodie? I’m wearing sheggings now actually, and I’m certainly happy to finally have a name for my clothes.