It’s Now Illegal For Commercials To Be Super Loud

I’m sitting by myself after a long day, watching TV and chowing down on dinner. I’m relaxed. Everything is calm, peaceful, quiet. Then, suddenly, a commercial comes on. The volume skyrockets. It’s so loud that it’s deafening. The windows crack, the walls shake, the roof starts to crumble. I fall out of my chair and nearly choke on my food. OK, maybe it’s not that bad. But now, thanks to the House of Representatives, super loud commercials will be no more. That’s right. On Tuesday, peeps in the government passed the CALM Act. Hardy har har. Get it? Anyway, it stands for Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation. Now, advertisers have to turn it down so their commercials aren’t a lot louder than the programs they’re interrupting. The bill was headed up by California Democrat Anna Eshoo and the measure will be implemented within two years. We hope they do it quicker. I’m tired of being blown away by people talking about Tylenol PM and Tide. [CBS]