Girls Flashes Car, Then It Hits Her

Cherelle May Dudfield, my new favorite extrovert, is in a little less trouble today than she was in September, when shortly following her drunken stroll into traffic, she was struck by a car. The driver apparently found Cherelle standing in the middle of a traffic island, flashing him, a little distracting. The car did slow down, but it still ran right into her. “She rolled up onto the hood and cracked the windscreen before she came down with some minor injuries and was taken to hospital,” said the police.
After her release from the hospital, Cherelle faced charges for disorderly behavior. She pleaded guilty and paid a fine of $198. I’m not sure she learned her lesson though. A video snapshot of Cherelle reenacting her, um, experience can be found on the Internet now. Advice from Cherelle? “Don’t get drunk and stand in the middle of the road and flash anyone ’cause it hurts when you get hit.”

Words to live by. [AP]