Cheapskate: Anthropologie Clearance

I think of Anthropologie as Urban Outfitters’ older, sophisticated, and more expensive sister. So when someone suggested it for this week’s Cheapskate, I was a little apprehensive. I mean, I hardly ever find anything there that I have to have for the ridiculous price it costs. I have no problem admitting I’m cheap in weird ways, but isn’t that kind of the point of this weekly post? Anyway, I did mange to find some really great classic and unusual pieces still available during the Anthropologie clearance sale. So here we go!

Cheapskate: Anthropologie Clearance
Shape Shifter Cardigan, $39.95
Calabash Tunic, $39.95
Sideswept Sweater Dress, $69.95
Gathered Together Dress, $59.95
Fernlee Top, $39.95
Peasant-Tied Cardigan, $19.95
Serin Song Jacket, $59.95
Water & Roses Dress, $39.95
Twilit Skirt, $69.95
Angular Melange Skirt, $29.95
Pixie Tights, $24.95
Diamond Dot Tights, $14.95
Narration Booties, $79.95