Cheers! Champagne Is Good For Your Brain And Heart

How many times while I was growing up did my mother exhort me to get more polyphenols into my diet? So many! If I’d been paying better attention, I probably would have heard her explain that fruits and vegetables with high levels of polyphenals supposedly increase nitric oxide levels, which widen blood vessels and ease pressure on the heart and brain. Green and white teas also have oodles of polyphenols. Now, I enjoy a chocolate-dipped strawberry as much as the next guy, but tea has never been my thing. No need to worry any longer though, Mom, because British academics report that champagne is packed with the stuff. Cava and prosecco also provide similar benefits. I’ll be responsible here and advise the obvious moderation, because the American Heart Association says the health benefits of alcohol are limited to one to two servings a day, but I guess some of us have been taking better care of ourselves than we thought. And ‘tis the season to get my polyphenols on. [Daily Mail]

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