Cate Blanchett Has Lots To Say About Beauty Products

Ever wonder what’s behind Cate Blanchett’s totally flawless and always glowing complexion? Can you believe she’s freaking 40 years old? Forty. Whoa. Well, Cate’s opening up her own personal bag of beauty tricks and letting us all peek inside. After the jump, how she gets that luminous skin—and all about her goth stage.Blanchett sat down and talked to our good friends at Stylelist (and yes, we are totally jealous). [And out of all the celebs who shill for beauty companies, we kind of trust Cate Blanchett because: A) she was already using it before she got a contract from them and B) have you freakin’ seen her skin? — Editor] She pegs her good skin fortunes to her religious use of the skincare line SK-II, for which she’s been the international spokesperson for the past four years:

“I think I would be on the floor if it wasn’t for this stuff,” she says. “It’s a good friend it that way.”

On her pregnancy regime:

“A friend of mine noticed that there were changes happening to my skin — I became really dehydrated and started getting some discoloration. She suggested I use SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and SK-II Whitening Source Clear Lotion. I used it for the rest of the pregnancy, and obviously continued after having a baby.”

Her fave blush and eyeshadows:

“I tend to wear a few bronzers. For blush, Nars has a really good shade called Deep Throat. I picked it up and was like, ‘I have to buy that because of the name!’ I also love Chanel’s Les 4 Ombres De Chanel eye shadows – they’re good.”

What’s on Cate’s holiday wish list?

“I want a set of hot rollers for Christmas. I’ve never had one and I’d really like a set of hot rollers!”

And, yes, kids, even Ms. Blanchett went through a goth phase:

“Back then, I’d go to bed with my makeup on if I’d been out. And I went through a big gothic phase, so my pillow was always covered in black mascara and white pancake makeup. Well, it’s not that cool in retrospect, and I’m definitely more careful now about removing it. Also, my linen is nicer than it was before and I don’t want to ruin it.”