Beauty Road Test: Smooth Away

While I always love to read the advice Wendy gives out in her “Dear Wendy” column, I was sort of surprised by the number of responses her column yesterday received. Who knew people could get so worked up over body hair? But I guess I shouldn’t be so shocked — just look at the number of hair removal products on the market. Like the Smooth Away, which I road-tested last night while watching TV. I must admit, I also slack off on shaving my legs (but not my underarms or pubic region) during the winter months — but out of pure laziness, not some other BS excuse. Plus, my showers are usually rushed in the morning, so that, coupled with the laziness and the fact that no one at work will be the wiser, means shaving my legs often gets neglected. However, like the letter writer yesterday, I have a hot boyfriend that I like to get naked with. And just like I don’t love his one-day facial hair growth because it’s scratchy and makes my skin red (I prefer him with longer, softer facial hair), I assume he probably prefers it when my stubbly leg hair isn’t chafing him while we’re gettin’ it on. Which is why I have been obsessed with trying the Smooth Away, the hair removal system for lazy people who take quick showers and like to zone out in front of the TV.

Smooth Away essentially promises to buff away unwanted hair and the infomercial makes it look easy, safe, and painless. The exfoliating pads (made with “super fine crystals”) are actually soft and not like sand paper, as you might assume. But the hair does NOT buff off quickly OR easily. I had to go to town, buffing away my leg hair in a circular motion for what seemed like forever. (Estimated time: 15-20 minutes for both legs.) It did eventually work and my coworkers can confirm that my legs are soft and supple today, and without any razor burn! That said, time-wise, shaving in the shower would have been faster. But can you watch an entire episode of “Real Sex” on HBO and drink a glass of wine while shaving your legs in the shower? I don’t think so. If that’s how you like to spend your free time, I recommend the Smooth Away. If not, add an extra five minutes to your shower regimen, lazy bones. [$14.99,]

Note: The Smooth Away kit also comes with a little mini finger version for buffing away unwanted hairs on your face, but my dog Lucca ate it before I could try it.