Would You Willingly Go Gray? Here’s How …

Most people try their hardest to mask unwanted grays, preoccupying themselves with salon visits in a desperate attempt to keep their roots a secret. But fashion trendsetters like designers Giles Deacon and Gareth Pugh sent silver foxes down their runways, and models and socialites like Kristen McMenamy and Pixie Geldof have embraced the gray look for reasons ranging from punk to empowerment (see “Why I Love My Gray Hair“). Think it looks as cool as we do? After the jump we explain how to get the look. Ironically, if you don’t have naturally gray hair, it kind of takes as much work to get and maintain as keeping it away can. Though her hair has been multiple different colors — think bleach blonde, brown, and short and spiky — this change wasn’t necessarily one that Pixie planned out. If your dye job is spur of the moment, here’s the quick and dirty way to go gray: “I wasn’t thinking about the color, I just put on a bunch of toner one day, and there it was,” she said. “It was rad. I didn’t want to do another color like pink, gray just seemed obvious.”

Though cosmetic shelves are devoid of gray dye (save for Halloween goodies and the now discontinued L’Oreal Gray Chic), that’s nothing a little bit of Pixie-like innovation can’t fix. Bleach out your locks and then add in a silver rinse. Sounds a bit scary, so we’d recommend entrusting your hair to a trained professional.

If you’re too scared to try it at home (and hell, we don’t blame you), professional colorists might be able to help. Bumble & Bumble’s Neil Moodie created the following orderly process for dying hair gray: “Normally, if you bleach hair, you can put in an ash tone to stop the brassiness, and it goes a slight grey-blue, so it also has that punk element,” he explained. “This turnaround is really cool.”

Are you convinced? If you’re going gray on purpose, let us know! We want pics! [Times UK]