What’s The Lamest Excuse A Guy Has Used To Cancel Your Date?

I was supposed to have a date tonight, but a few hours ago, I got an email from the guy explaining that he needed to cancel our rendezvous. The reason? His grandmother died. Whoa. Really? I wanted to believe him, but my gut somehow told me it was a lie. (If it does turn out to be true, then wow, I am a completely horrible and insensitive person.) For now I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, but it still made me think of some of the weird last-minute excuses I’ve heard from men before. And admittedly, some of the stories I’m guilty of concocting myself. (“Urgent deadline from my editor!”)

So, what’s the lamest reason—real or fake—that you’ve heard for a canceled date? A few of ours are after the jump.

  • He was “itching all over.”
  • “I bent down to get on my bike and fainted!”
  • “I’m too hung over.” (This after I’d informed him my ex was an alkie.)
  • “My brother is missing in France right now.” (A lie.)
  • “I’m siiiick” (over-dramatic cough, cough).
  • “My best friend’s dog got lost.”
  • “Uh, I have a rash.”
  • “My bike got a flat tire.” (And I guess he couldn’t take the subway from Brooklyn?)
  • “I forgot that I have to go see a musical with my aunt.”