Olympic Weightlifter Picks Up A Dumbbell And Pops Out A Baby

If you saw “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” on TLC, you probably can’t stop wondering how it is possible for a woman not to know she’s pregnant and then slip into a bathroom stall and drop one out? It just seems so incomprehensible to me. How could you miss all of the signs—like the 20 pounds of weight gain in your belly or no period for nine months? Not so subtle, people. In Chile an Olympic weightlifter, Elizabeth Poblete, was in the gym training for a competition when she felt a little bit sick. Wait for it … then she picked up a dumbbell and popped out a baby boy. Surprise! I’m thinking no one even knew what was going on because “weightlifting face” and “labor face” are not all that different. The 22-year-old had no idea that she was even pregnant and had just competed in a strenuous competition one week earlier where one of the judges said, “I could see she was a big girl, round and strong. That’s all I noticed.” Elizabeth and her three-month premature baby boy were taken to a hospital in Sao Paulo but have since been discharged, because Elizabeth claims she can’t afford to continue receiving treatment. I just don’t get it. [BBC]