Synthetic Skin Accessories Make Us Feel Nauseous

In what is possibly the most revolting accessory concept we’ve seen of late, synthetic skin bags, jackets, jumpers and more are now available on a website near you. Yes, skin. In case, you know, you’re concerned that you don’t have enough of it. A purse that bears an uncanny resemblance to a severe burn victim’s head on a string is by far the most terrifying, but it’s not the only option that makes us want to vomit!

SkinBag also gives you the option of actually layering their faux skin on top of your real skin, as is the case with the glorious jacket above. And if you’re concerned that your friends will think it’s “weird,” don’t worry about it — the manufacturer says you’re being deep by wearing SkinBag items. After all, they’re “a relational tool offering, an alchemy between the repulsive and the captivating.” Or maybe it’s all just repulsive.