Kate’s Style Diary: Wednesday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • H&M Sparkly Sweater
  • Topshop Coppery Skirt
  • Street Vendor Necklace
  • H&M Ribbed Tights
  • H&M Shorty Heels

I bought this tulip skirt (which I swear wasn’t all wrinkled when I put it on this morning) a while ago and loved it for the slightly bizarre color and the fact that it has pockets, but nothing I paired it with looked quite right, so I never wore it. When my stylist friend Angela suggested pairing it with this sweater—which feels like something I wore to ballet class when I was a kid, only sparkly—my first thought was, “Does homegirl want me to look like a golden disco ball?” But I actually really liked it when I tried it on. Oh, and my necklace cost $5 from a street vendor at Union Square in New York City. You can’t beat that.