Christian Lacroix’s Next Step—Uniforms?

Things are not looking good for French couturier Christian Lacroix, whose fashion house has failed to find a buyer to rescue it from bankruptcy. At least the designer is doing some extra work to keep his head afloat, scoring a gig to design uniforms for French railway employees. Lacroix has put them in purple bow blouses, boxy suits, and berets. While it might be cool to be able to go to work everyday wearing a Lacroix item, we’re not too sure the workers wearing these outfits would be so pleased with the Disneyland-chic flamboyancy of them.

If Lacroix has decided to save his brand by selling out and bringing “fashion to the masses,” we wish he’d consider doing a bridge line with the obvious retailer, Target. (We could use some more French style in America, don’t you think?) Monsieur Lacroix, we believe your people pronounce it Tar-jey. [NY Mag]