Today’s Lady News: Washington, D.C. Approves Same-Sex Marriage!

  • Washington, D.C.’s city council approved a same-sex marriage bill today and Mayor Adrian Fenty is expected to sign it into law before Christmas. [Washington Post]
  • To illustrate an article about African-American books, the magazine Publisher’s Weekly chose a cover of a black woman with hair picks sticking out from her head in the shape of a giant Afro. Some might say it’s just a creative image, but others say the cover casts black authors as “tribal.” [Womanist Musings]

  • Well, this is bad news: post-menopausal women who take anti-depressants face a higher risk of stroke. The risk is small, but post-menopausal women are the largest sub-group in the country who take such medications. [L.A. Times]
  • Did anyone catch the HBO documentary “Every F—ing Day Of My Life” last night? We missed it, but it looks to be a heartbreaking film about domestic violence. It’s about Wendy Maldonado, an Oregon mother of four who killed her abusive and mentally ill husband in May 2005. She and her oldest son, Randy, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and she has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Check out this schedule to see when it will re-air. Jezebel ran some clips of the documentary — they’re pretty sad and disturbing. [HBO]
  • Yesterday’s big reveal was that writer “James Chartrand,” for the site Copyblogger, is actually a woman, because she got more gigs and earned up to three times as much money by posing as a male. On the heels of that crazy news, which I blogged about yesterday, blogger Amanda Hess at The Sexist has investigated how “James” wrote blog posts that deliberately portrayed other women in a sexist way. This whole story is super weird and makes us wonder if it’s a big joke. [The Sexist]
  • … and blogger Spencer Ackerman also wrote a fantastic post about how he knows being male has made his career easier for him. [FireDogLake]
  • The principal of a middle school in El Cerrito, California, was suspended on Monday after a 14-year-old student allegedly cornered and raped a 12-year-old classmate in a stairwell last Thursday. Two students allegedly witnessed the sexual assault in action and one tried to physically stop it, while the other ran to get for help. [Mercury News]


  • Elizabeth Simbiwa Sogbo-Tortu of Sierra Leone has been banned from running for chief. When she attempted to make a legal bid to overturn the ban, members of a traditional group who object to the idea of a female chief threw rocks at her envoy and descended upon her house, preventing her from safely going home. “I want the courts to rule that it is my right as a woman to become paramount chief in my home district. And this is not just about me. It is about all women all over the country,” she told the BBC. [BBC]
  • A court in London ruled today that a registrar cannot refrain from officiating same-sex civil partnerships on the basis of her religious beliefs, calling it “discrimination.” [UKPA]

Yesterday in Today’s Lady News we learned that Houston, Texas, elected a lesbian mayor.