Tara Reid Claims Her Boobs Are Fixed And Proves It In Playboy

We probably could have predicted this, but Tara Reid has finally decided to pose for Playboy. Her reasoning behind doing the cover and a spread in the January issue? She wants us to know that her botched plastic body is fixed! Tara likened her bad plastic surgery to a broken bone. “I mean, it’s like breaking your arm,” she says. “I broke my arm and everyone knew about it, and then I got it fixed. And now my arm looks great! I think no-one really wanted to think I got fixed, or that I’m better, but I am and everything in my life is better now.” Great extended metaphor, Tara!But if you look at the cover shot, the only thing that will be broken is your boner because her broken arm … err … body looks faker than ever. I mean, what the hell landed on her chest? But her body isn’t just fixed, so is her soul. “I just feel that I’m at the best age in my life mentally, physically, spiritually. I feel great and I’m proud of it,” she claims.

I’m not buying it. This whole thing reeks of has-been desperation. Tara, we know the real reason you are posing is because your career is so over. And FYI, no one spent any time thinking about you. They just want you to go away. [PopEater]