“The Sing-Off” Group Teaches Us A Very Important Fashion Lesson

On last night’s episode of “The Sing-Off,” eight a cappella groups were narrowed down to six, and vocals-only versions of songs by artists from Queen to Aretha Franklin were performed. While the focus of the show is on the singing, I couldn’t help but notice the coordinating outfits the groups wore. Some, like all-girl groups Noteworthy and Maxx Factor, put on the exact same ensembles. But the guy-girl groups mixed it up, wearing similar colors in different shades and styles.I particularly liked the SoCals’ outfits, which were black and purple. The female members all had on the same plum colored tights, but each wore them differently. And I love how they mixed shades of purple, wearing metallics, lavenders, and royal purples with the plum tights. The next time you can’t figure out what tights to pair with your outfit, don’t worry if the colors don’t match; you’ll be a vision in varied shades of purple — or whichever color you decide to blend, rather than match — wearing tights like this bordeaux pair from American Apparel.