Kate’s Style Diary: Tuesday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • H&M blazer
  • Topshop T-shirt
  • James Jeans
  • Ecco boots
  • Swatch watch
  • Brooklyn flea market necklace

I have a dirty little secret to tell you. If my hair is up, it means that I woke up late and shaved 10 minutes off my morning routine by not washing it. Sorry—I hope we can still be friends. Other random thoughts on what I’m wearing today: I adore this raspberry jacket—this is the color I keep buying at the moment. And while this shirt has an abstract photo of the New York subway on it, it was actually purchased in London before Topshop came stateside. These boots are my favorite get of the fall. (Thanks for the suggestion, Angela). And this watch is another of my favorite things. It was a birthday gift from my family. I was down to two presents left to open and I asked my sister Lizz which box I should open first and she said, “Save this one for last. You’ll like the watch best.” D’oh. It’s amazingly a Swatch—yes, you can change the face.