Is There A Male Equivalent To The LBD?

Women’s fashion may be more complicated than men’s style, but we do have the LBD going for us. The little black dress, which magically gets you through work, black-tie events, and pretty much any party. And it’s this time of year that the LBD becomes most used and handy. Poor guys, they have far fewer options than us. The Vancouver Sun has just suggested that the answer to the all-around men’s piece for the holiday season has to be … the sweater. [Vancouver Sun]

Really? We beg to differ, and here’s what we think every man should consider to be their go-to wardrobe staple (and you may want to consider it as a Christmas gift for your guy). A slim-cut, off-black suit jacket. We had to agree with J. Crew’s in-house man stylist, Jack, who explains that for ambiguous don’t-know-what to wear “semi-formal” events (to which you’d happily don an LBD, no problem), a guy should go suit up: “It’s appropriate for any event that calls for a jacket, and when in doubt, I like to err on the side of caution. You might be a bit more dressed up than the other guys, but that’s no big deal. I’d suggest a charcoal suit (it’s the most classic), paired with a tartan or white dress shirt, a dark tie, and your best pair of wing tips.”

The great thing about the LBD is how you can dress it up or down, which can also be done with a smart suit jacket. A flashy tie and matching trousers work it for fancier situations. To dress down, the trusted Jack says he can skip the tie and wear it with jeans. “Just make sure the jeans are a slimmer cut in a dark wash,” he suggests. [$365, Italian wool two-button suit jacket, J. Crew]