Is It A Dealbreaker If Your Man Says “No” To Sweats?

Check out this question sent to the Washington Post’s Style Editor:

“Dear Carolyn: So I’ve been casually dating this guy from work. There’s so much chemistry between us, he’s funny and smart, and I think I’m starting to fall for him. But something he said at dinner irked me — he made some comment about how un-sexy sweat pants are, and how if the person he’s dating ever wears them, it’s a ‘dealbreaker.’ Well, so far he’s never seen me in sweat pants. But I wear them; they’re comfortable around the house. I asked, ‘What if a person is feeling sick or just lounging around their apartment?’ He made a grimace that said, ‘Still not okay.’ I just feel unsettled now. He does pay a lot of attention to what I wear and suggests clothes that will make me look better. Personal quirk or red flag?”

Yikes! We’ll say this: It’s definitely a dealbreaker for us when A) a dude tries to tell us what to wear and B) any man, woman, child or beast attempts to deprive us of sweet, sweet sweat-pant-ed lounging sessions. So much more advice, after the jump.First off, we absolutely love Post Style Editor Carolyn Hax’s response, which includes a practical, philosophical approach to relationships:

“External pressure comes from two sources: another’s will, and your own perceptions. Whether he pressures you or not, if you perceive pressure, it’s there. And if it’s in your nature both to regard other people’s preferences as pressure to conform, and to yield to that pressure, then someone with controlling tendencies will push you around, guaranteed. You need to be particularly mindful of this vulnerability when it comes to choosing a mate.”

But from a purely sartorial standpoint, The Cut writer Amy Odell nails it, citing the fact that Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and other major designers glorified the comfy fabric on spring runways:

“Unless this guy rescinds the comment (and if he truly is funny, maybe he was just being sarcastic and this was lost on you?), you have no choice but to dump him. Maybe immaturely by means of electronic communication. Because come spring, you’re going to want to wear sweatpants with heels and leather vests and stuff out on the town, possibly on dates. And you will look damn sexy doing so, but if this guy can’t see that now, he has no business being in your good company or engaging in verbal communication with you.”
[Washington Post] and [The Cut] [See also “Sweatpants Are Suddenly Cool Again.” — Editor]

Anyone else care to weigh in on this most pressing debate?