Hannah Havana’s Surreal Style Statements

We’ve showcased some pretty crazy style statements here on The Frisky, but now La Petite Claudine points us to Hannah Havana’s weird, surrealist creations, which pretty much take the fashion cake. Chandelier earrings that actually light up? Check. A candelabra bra with real, burning candles? Yep. High heels on wheels? Got that, too. Check out more of Havana’s bizarre wearables after the jump.

l: The Spurs of the Moment; r: Heels on Wheels.

l: Visible Panty-Line light-up pants; r: Love Handles.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not toilet lock engagement ring for the “serial fiancée”; reads either “Vacant” or “Engaged”; “a small ‘diamond’ appears when the ring is engaged.”