Should Elin Nordegren Use Her “Free Pass” To Cheat On Tiger?

On Friday, Tiger Woods announced on his website that he would be taking an indefinite break from golf so that he could focus on saving his marriage after being busted for many, many infidelities. His wife, Elin Nordegren, was photographed this weekend without her wedding ring and, supposedly, the family is fleeing to her native Sweden to get some privacy while they figure out if their union can be repaired. But one thing is clear: Tiger has officially given Elin a “free dick pass,” i.e., the right to cheat on him with whomever she’d like, at least once. Think of it as a revenge cheat without consequences. If you were her, would you take the opportunity to throw a little infidelity back in Tiger’s face? After the jump, a few women weigh in about their experiences with the “free dick pass.”

“Oh hell yes. That’s what turned me into the cheating whore I became for the majority of my dating life … My first boyfriend cheated on me left and right. A normal person might’ve seen that as reason to break up with him, but I was young and stupid. Of course, I never got over it and used it as leverage to cheat on HIM — something I ordinarily wouldn’t have ever considered. That started me down the primrose path for sure. I think once that line’s been crossed, it takes a lot of work and empathy and strength not to resort to some sort of vengeance, assuming you decide to stay in the relationship, which is probably ill-advised, since …. once a cheater, always a cheater!

“I totally used my ‘free pass’ for cheating! My boyfriend during my last year of high school—first love, lost my v-card with him, all that good stuff—cheated on me with some girl on the soccer team and lied to me about it. His best friend was actually the one to tell me about the cheating, which was super lame. This boyfriend was a complete jerk and not too bright, either. But he had been a child actor and to this day, he’s still the most gorgeous man I’ve ever been with. My father even said he looked like “a Greek god.”

Meanwhile, one of my friends from summer camp invited me to be his platonic date to his senior prom. It was held at one of the fanciest, most elegant hotels in New York City, the Waldorf-Astoria, and the after-party was going to be held at a beachfront mansion on the Hamptons. Of course I said yes.

I didn’t break up with the cheating boyfriend (I had it baaad for this jerk) but I carried a fair amount of resentment for him, so it’s perfectly understandable why everything that happened on prom night went down. I met my platonic date’s best friend and it was love at first sight. Well, maybe lust at first site. We sat together in the limo out to the Hamptons, skinny-dipped in the ocean together, and kissed on the beach. He even bought me an ice cream bar for breakfast on the limo ride back to NYC the next morning! He, my date and I went straight to his apartment and all piled into his bed together. The best friend, of course, spooned me and started petting me. I remember whispering, ‘Hey, that’s not conducive to sleep,’ and he laughed and then I said, ‘It’s nice to use a word like ‘conducive’ and not have to explain what it means.’

The ending is kind of sad: the best friend left for the military and I pretty much never heard from him again. The jerk boyfriend made me delete all the emails he had sent me and I still resent him for that. And, oh by the way, we broke up by the second week of college.”

“I’d been with my boyfriend for about two years when he went on tour with his band for a month and a half. I missed him a ton, and at a party, after a few drinks, I started making out with a cute guy. He asked me to go home with him—I declined. When my boyfriend came back, I told him about it—I didn’t have a choice, since more than a few mutual friends probably saw the whole thing. I presented it as exactly what it was—something stupid I did that was really about missing him. He was mad and didn’t talk to me for a few days, but eventually said he forgave me. With the caveat that he be able to do the same thing, once and only once. At first, that sounded fair—and I liked the idea of getting back to being “even.” But, uh, when it didn’t happen for a week, and then two, and then three, it started to be torture knowing he could kiss whoever he wanted. And that eventually, he would want to. In the end, he didn’t ever do it. But it definitely took me from being comfortable in the relationship to not.”