Kate’s Style Diary: Monday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Theory Dress
  • Uniqlo Cardigan
  • H&M Big Ole Necklace
  • Vintage Store Bangles
  • Hue Tights
  • H&M Short Heels

I love getting dressed in the spring and summer, when all you need is a dress and a pair of heels or cute flats, but every fall, I always get thrown off by the whole layering deal. So this year, I called my friend Angela Hastings, who’s styled for everyone from Glamour to Elle Brazil, for help. She came over and rid my closet of every piece I didn’t love, and showed me the way of layering tights, cardigans, and belts over dresses, skirts, and tops. (Yes, she is available for hire, just write her through her website.) Now, I’m kind of digging getting dressed to stay warm. This Theory dress has always been a favorite—I wish I’d gotten it in many more colors while it was on sale. And I’m sure you’ll notice throughout the week that I have a serious addiction to metal jewelry. And the colors blue, green, and raspberry. Yes, I feel pretentious for calling it “raspberry” rather than “pink,” but I’m all about a very specific shade.