High Heels Mess With Posh’s Posture?

OK, so maybe all those “high heels can kill you!” stories are a bit extreme, but wearing 4-inch stilettos everyday could potentially do a number on your posture. At least that’s what Victoria Beckham claims, although this sounds like a case of paranoia—she’s been “concerned” that wearing high heels over all these years has given her a hunch, so she’s has reportedly incorporated Alexander Technique into her fitness routine to correct her body. So what’s Alexander Technique?People tend to lump Alexander into the category of yoga and Pilates, but it’s more a discipline that focuses on stretching and alignment through awareness of your body. It’s not about weight loss or toning, but about learning how to move your body. So how is that supposed to make high heel woes go away? “The Alexander Technique also claims to alleviate foot pain by shifting your body weight more evenly; therefore, it reduces the pressure placed on your feet.” If that doesn’t work, you can always turn to collagen injections for your feet. [Herald Sun]