“Dexter” Season Finale: Holy $%&@, WTF?!

After the jump, join me in expressing my total shock over the season four finale of “Dexter,” which aired last night on Showtime. There will be lots of spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the episode yet (what is wrong with you?!), don’t click any deeper. Seriously, this was one episode you do not want spoiled. Ummm, OMG RITA! Dead! In a bathtub! With little Harrison crying in a pool of blood! I did not see that shocking ending coming at all, did anyone else? Initially, I thought that the episode was looking to be a wee bit of a dud, as Dexter’s final capture and kill of Trinity (played brilliantly by John Lithgow) seemed hasty. At first I thought the episode was going to end in an uplifting manner — Dexter was different from Trinity, he was important and vital in a positive way to people like Deb and Rita and the kids. Harry was wrong — he could continue to kill under the code, while also being a happy family man.

Rita’s death means next season is going to be very different from previous seasons. Will Dexter continue to parent Harrison, not to mention Astor and Cody? Will Rita’s death force him to see he can’t have it all and what will he do as a result? Throw out the code entirely and become a regular ol’ sociopath killer like his victims have been? How much more will Deb learn and how will she wrestle with the knowledge that her brother is related to the Ice Truck Killer, who tried to murder her in season one?

The ending to this season was so shocking, so out of left field, and so exciting, that I literally cannot wait for season five. When, Showtime, when?

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