Beauty Product Reviews—Do You Read ‘Em?

I recently received a free sample of the Bliss Triple Oxygen mask from Sephora (sidebar: sign up for their “Beauty Insider” card; you build up points and get loads of free samples), and after a few applications, loved its effects. So, after the sample ran out, I was looking to buy a full-sized bottle. Because it isn’t cheap stuff ($52 for 3.4 ounces, ouch!), I wanted to be sure about my potential purchase. Where did I go? To every single customer reviews page I could find on it! I checked out the Sephora reviews, the Blissworld reviews, the comments, every sentence on Amazon about it—I even Googled “Bliss Triple Oxygen reviews” and read everything offered. A little nutzo of me? Perhaps, but I’ve become so addicted to online beauty product reviews, I never make a purchase (in the store or online) without consulting them. My Clarisonic purchase? Days of reading reviews in the making.

Do you read online product reviews? Do you write them (I haven’t gotten around to writing any yet)? Do you get swayed into buying (or not buying) products because of what people are saying?