10 Things Men Should Never Do…

I have peered into the hive mind and it is scary. The hashtag #menshouldnever became a Twitter trend topic this weekend and all the dopey things people tweeted became an illumination into just how badly men need gender equality, the main idea behind feminism, too.

Some of them are funny…most of them are just plain wrong:

  1. …f*** other men
  2. …wear skinny jeans
  3. …wear pink
  4. …try to wax their testicles. Trust me, I am speaking from experience. It took me three weeks to stop crying.
  5. … have more beauty products than a woman
  6. …never ever wear tight jeans..
  7. … try to be sexy by making tiger or lion noises to women ex: RAAAAWWWRRR.
  8. …turn a ho into a housewife.
  9. …use a girls lotion if it has glitter in it!!
  10. …get jealous. That’s a female trait.