Weekend DIY: Paint Your Very Own Striped Bathroom

There are a few features I dream of having in my future home. The list includes a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, a radiator that doesn’t clank, and a striped bathroom. Because of that last wish, the December issue of Lonny made me drool all over my laptop. The online magazine pictures not one but two striped bathrooms. The first (above) is in the J.Crew Collection store on NYC’s Upper East Side, and the second (after the jump) is one of the bathrooms at Hotel Keppler in Paris.

If you’re lucky enough to be allowed to paint the walls in your home (i.e., you own it or have a cool landlord), you can create your own striped bathroom pretty easily. Friends of mine have added black stripes to their white walls, and they advise deciding on a stripe width and mapping it out in the bathroom to ensure the lines don’t hit the corners or mirror edges awkwardly. Keep reading for another striped bathroom photo and tips for executing … [Lonny] Lonny magazine striped bathroom

My friend Colin, whose bathroom is a vision in black and white, provided these instructions for painting stripes:

  1. Start with a length of string. Tape it to the very top of the wall and then run it down to wherever the stripe will end. Once you’ve made sure the string line is level, tape the bottom end of the string to the wall. The string is used to make sure the stripes are straight, so if you think you can tape without a guide, skip to step two.
  2. Now that the strin is in place, apply strips of tape onto the wall along the edge of the string. (A couple tape tips: Tear off medium-length strips … if they’re too long, it’s tough to get them very straight; too short and it takes forever. Also, remove the tape in whichever direction you applied it. This way you can remove it all in one long strip rather than tearing it off piece by piece.)
  3. Repeat this all the way around the room, and paint inside the stripes. Let paint dry, and remove tape.