How To Store Your Off-Season Clothes

It’s about 20 degrees in New York today and, thus, officially time for me to give up on wearing that black cotton eyelet dress one more time. Below 30–below 60, if I’m being honest with myself–the “but it’s black, so that’s fine!” justification simply stops working. If you’re still trying to squeeze one last wearing out of clothes that are totally seasonally inappropriate, step away from the sundress, take a deep breath, and join me in an epic closet cleaning and clothes storage mission. Tips to keep your off-season clothes looking lovely after the jump.

  • If you come across things you didn’t wear all season, seriously consider giving them away. There’s no point storing something that you’re not even going to use next year.
  • Buy appropriate storage devices. This means large plastic boxes with tops that really seal or trunks (for under the bed) and hanging plastic zip-up protectors for the closet. This will keeps things from getting dusty and gross.
  • Lay everything out as flat as possible in said containers, carefully folding in the sleeves. Do not fold too tightly.
  • Things like lighter-weight, structured blazers should be stored hanging up, if possible. Same goes for nice dresses. That’s where the plastic hanging bags come in. Put all your really nice and/or structured stuff in one and push it to the back of the closet, sealed.
  • If you don’t have space to store hanging things, take particular care with fancy clothes. Acid-free tissue paper between layers is always a good call, particularly for silks.