4 Boots In 1 Actually Kind Of A Good Idea

Know those convertible pants that become shorts just by unzipping the bottoms? In theory: good idea. In reality: ugly as hell. So it’s pretty amazing that Michael Kors has managed to take the same principle, stick it on a boot, and make it moderately stylish. Behold his new “Franny” style, which can be zipped up or unzipped to create four different length boots. You can rock the currently trendy thigh-high, and once it goes out of style (which it will), take off a level to get a classic calf-height. For everyday wear, unlatch all and skip around in a simple bootie.

While we’ve seen convertible shoes before, they haven’t offered quite as many options as Mr. Kors’ model. What do you think—would you get a lot of use out of these zipper boots? Or are they not your style? [HighSnobette]