Who’s The Guy Who Punched Snooki?

Next week’s episode of “Jersey Shore” looks like it’s going to be pretty brutal—while out partying at a Seaside Heights bar, the lovely (??) Snooki takes a right hook to the face that sends her flying off her stool. Apparently, some drunk jerk had taken her drink and had been harassing her roommates, so she confronted him about it. The guy was apparently super intoxicated—bouncers had already told him to watch it—and he let his fist do the talking. So who is this guy who punched Snooki? Apparently his name is Brad Ferro and he’s a 23-year-old … (wait for it) … high school teacher. A high school gym teacher at North Queens Community High School, to be specific. Ferro plead guilty to assault—he’s been fined $500 and sentenced to take anger management classes. He was also removed from the classroom after his principal found out about the incident. Hey, it’s kind of hard telling your students to do the right thing when you’ve been filmed blitzed out of your mind, sucker-punching a woman. Still, Ferro’s dad is defending him. “[Snooki] instigated my son into doing something very stupid,” he said. “When you get a bunch of people in a situation with alcohol and instigate, someone’s going to do something stupid, and that’s obviously what MTV wants. He doesn’t understand how it happened. She was being very aggressive. That’s who she is, apparently.” Aww, sweet. Some good, old-fashioned victim-blaming. [NY Daily News]