The Tricks To Getting A Perfect Cat Eye

While W may have photoshopped out all that makes Jennifer Garner look like Jennifer Garner, they didn’t go wrong in the make-up department. Look at the fierce cat eye! Adore.
One problem, though: there’s no bigger beauty challenge than applying liquid liner—it takes a seriously steady hand, just the right mirror angle and lot’s of dumb luck to get it right. Seriously, when was the last time you tried to pull off the whole cat eyeliner look and emerged victorious? I’m pretty decent doing one eye—but I can’t very well go out with just one eye lined! I’ve got a few tips I stumbled upon in my quest for perfectly cat-eye lined lids, after the jump… First things first: You have your liquid liner, all ready to go. Shake the tube before you begin lining to smooth out any clumps in the tube. A smoother liquid liner equals a smoother line. Many people, myself included, have real trouble keeping their hand from shaking so to keep steady, try resting your elbow on a table. Start drawing in the center of your upper lash-line, following the curve of your eyelid. Then, if you’re doing cat eyes, aim the line towards the outside of your eyebrow for a great angle. And for the ultimate in control, start out thin—you can always go back and make your line heavier or thicker after the first pass. Feel like you want to give cat-eyes another try?