Lonny 2.0 Is Here!

Just in time for the serious nesting months (i.e, the freezing cold days of real-deal winter), Lonny is back with a second helping of all things adorably home. For the December issue we get a peak inside interior designer Vanessa De Varga’s beach bungalow, lots of gold and sparkly things you’ll want to buy thisverysecond, a look at design queen Kelly Wearstler’s new tabletop line and and a crapload of seriously chic black-and-white schemed rooms. You will die. But my very favorite feature is all about J.Crew’s collection store here in NYC. I’ve been in numerous times and more often than not I find myself marveling more at the decor than the actual clothes (and that’s saying a lot!). They use loads of chalkboard paint on the walls (J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons also uses it all over her home, too!) and to great effect—it’s matte enough that it’s a comfortable shade of black, rather than jarring. Check it out. [Lonny]

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