In Bed With … Tiger Woods

What’s the hype? With the amount of ladies Tiger Woods is scoring, you’d think he’s got a peen made of vaginal ambrosia — or is it just the billions he’s worth that make him a delicious lay? Kiki T. delves in to work it out …

December 30, 1975, 10:50 PM, Long Beach, CA
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Ascendant: Virgo
Moon: Sagittarius
Mercury: Capricorn
Venus: Scorpio
Mars: Gemini

Love Style:

He looks conservative on the outside, but obviously he’s no prude. When it comes to love, Tiger likes it wild, free and flirty. With a tendency to like girls outside of his realm, as in a different race, culture or religion, Tiger craves love that is adventurous and keeps him on his toes. He’s not one to ever truly settle down — even though in theory that is what makes him feel safe — as curiosity is his motivator. For him, true love needs to feel extreme and mind-expanding, as he loves to dance with danger and have experiences that test him mentally, spiritually and physically. Emotionally he is hard to crack because he’s a loner deep down. This means his inner freak rules him way more than his heart, but if you can stay several steps ahead of him, then he’s yours on a leash.

Sex Style:

Variety is the spice of Tiger’s life, as flirting is his thing — and the more someone can tease him, the more rambunctious he’ll be in bed, as he’s an animal in and out of the sack. Yes, this is the boy that is into extreme adventure — S&M power plays, dirty pics, toys, and anything else normally considered subversive. For him the thrill is in the chase, and his appetite is huge. So, to keep him enthused, one must deliver a gold medal workout that wears him out, in body and mind. Nothing is off-limits, because as long as it comes off as fun, he’s game for anything. To him sex is an amusement, nothing he wants to take too seriously, as he can easily separate it from love; however, he will treat all his conquests fairly, like a friend, which is the nice thing about him. However, he won’t stick it out too long if it doesn’t keep evolving and turning him on in bigger and brasher ways. So, for that special someone who’s willing to explore fetishes and rock an edgier side, he’ll be more than ready to tee off to score that hole in one.

His Type:

At quick glance, it’d seem as if a Betty Crocker type is his thing. Yet, while there are pluses for him in taking on a trophy wife to appease his good boy nature, deep down he knows he’s best with a woman who can hold her own in business, bed and the spotlight — someone who has the brains and brawn to match him. He needs a mental bond with someone who can spark his interest on any range of topics and make him think. Yes, Tiger has an intellectual streak in him and would be best with an older woman who can teach him a thing or two. He thrives with a challenge and with such a big bulge in his wallet — which gives him a sense of entitlement over those who look up to him rather than as an equal — he’s not getting the tension he needs to have a successful relationship. Instead, a charismatic, dirty, yet powerful, librarian type with a colorful personality waiting behind a cool façade — who can spank him hard, but knows how to kiss away his booboos too — would have the best chance at curbing his wandering eye.

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