11 Signs You’re In Lust

I don’t know much about the big L-O-V-E, but I do know quite a bit about luv. There is just something so fun about the reckless abandon of a fresh romance. Forget your holiday champagne buzz, nothing compares to the high of going butt crazy for a guy! But a lot of times, when you start dating someone you like, you can’t tell if he’s just a cool dude or a super spectacular stud who is sweeping you off your feet. How do you know you’re in lust? Find out after the jump!

  1. Each time you see him naked, his penis looks bigger.
  2. His last name is Lipschitz and you think that’s cute.
  3. Even when his ass needs a shower, he smells good to you.
  4. Seeing random couple PDA doesn’t gross you out as much as it used to. Warning: If you start liking Jen Aniston rom-coms, your googly eyes have gone too far.
  5. You want to introduce him to your family — well, the ones you like.
  6. When you look at him your eyes open wider than a cartoon puppy and you can’t stop it.
  7. You feel like you could tell him everything! But you don’t because you want to spend all your time together sexing.
  8. When making a decision, say on what to wear, you can hear his opinion in your head. (Side note: Why don’t guys get harem pants?)
  9. He buys you flowers and you’re wondering how to press them.
  10. When you go shopping, you see about a million things you want to buy him. You know you got it bad when you blow your shoe budget getting the dude stuff.
  11. You have about a dozen adjectives to describe him to your friends and none of them are the word “nice.”